Throughout scripture the kingdom of God is often pictured as a banquet table, a great feast, where all come to experience the goodness of God. Jesus himself regularly ate with people of all backgrounds; in a counter-cultural expression of the Kingdom he showed them to be welcome in his presence, seated as equals, and at the same time welcome in the family of God. The Table is a strong metaphor for the Church and its presence in the world as the place where all are welcome, and where all experience love, acceptance, dignity, purpose and life.

We believe that inviting people to our table, to experience belonging, love, acceptance and the goodness of God shouldn't require others coming to us- instead we desire to set a table where they are, in their place. As Christ came to us, so we see the Church moving into the space of the lost, the broken, the abused, the hurting, and in their space expressing the love, life and compassion of Jesus.

Our current tables initiatives include:

  • Neighbourhood meals
  • University Student Village BBQs
  • Partnering with others in meals for homeless and at risk individuals. 

If you interested in partnering with us, click here. 


We desire to empower healthy families by creating opportunities for parents to connect with other parents in safe and supportive environments, to be educated and informed through seminars and to allow parents to grow in their confidence in parenting their children. We believe that by empowering and supporting parents, we strengthen families and ultimately transform our communities. 

We currently do this by:

  • Mum's Groups
  • The Dad's Cooperative Project


We aim to provide environments where people are supported, encouraged and have the opportunity to discover the fullness of life - in any context. Our current initiatives include:

  • University Chaplaincy
  • High School Chaplaincy & SRE Programs