We desire to be a community that intentionally shapes their lives to follow Jesus. We cultivate habits- or missional rhythms- that help us grow closer to Jesus and reflect Him in our world.   


Habits that help us know Jesus deeply and be shaped by His Spirit in us.

LISTENSpace for listening and prayer. 

LEARN: Learning from the Word of God and living in response. 

RENEW: Time for resting and being recreated in Jesus. 

SHARE: Being accountable and transparent to others in my growth as a follower. 



We seek to live as "family", a generous and genuine community shaped by love, for all.

EAT: Creating time in our life to regularly eat/share a table with others both inside and outside our church.

BLESS: Generously giving of my time, resources and capacities to show love to others. 

CELEBRATE: Gathering regularly to celebrate our life in God, and life together. 


God is restoring all things, and we are invited to partner with Him as we live as disciples who make disciples. 

SENT: My identity is one 'sent' by Jesus into the world to share Good News wherever I am, and to make disciples as I go. 

SERVE: I commit to embody the Kingdom in my neighbourhood and relationships by serving others. 


Supporting each other in living out our faith is important to us. We encourage people to gather with 1-2 others regularly to engage with the bible, pray together, to care for each other and to share what God is doing in their life as they live out their missional rhythms. We call these DNA groups, DNA stands for Discipleship-Nurture-Accountability. DNA Groups meet either weekly or fortnightly, for about 1-1 1/2 hours. 


Missional Communities are made up of a group of people who are committed to learning how to live intentionally to impact the community/neighbourhood in which they live. Often made up of a number of DNA groups, missional communities will gather fortnightly to share a family meal together, to learn from the bible, to care for each other and will actively engage in serving and loving a particular community, neighbourhood or group of people.